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Final Exams Blues
Written at Thursday, October 22, 2009 | back to top

Start of final examination today. Test would be on Pedia and Literature. I really don't know if what I know in Lit is enough. I didn't really study the plays. Ugh. Hope I can survive the tests later.

So yesterday was fun. Though it seemed not too long ago since it's only some minutes past midnight. Studied at UST with Kim. Then we went to Trinoma. Rode an FX going there. I think Kim and I sounded and looked like nerds going to trinoma and while at trinoma. We still studied while we're in the FX, while we're at pizza hut and while we're walking around the mall. Haha. No matter, I still had a great time reviewing yesterday. I didn't really get that super stressed out. :D My pocket got stressed out though since I spent hella lot of money. Mostly my money were spent on foods. Ugh. In this rate, I won't be having any money anymore for the sembreak and I would be really really fat before this sem ends. Haha.

Oh well. Enough procrastination. I still need to read for Lit and Pedia. Good luck to me. XD