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It's a good hurt
Written at Thursday, September 17, 2009 | back to top

Love hurts but sometimes it’s a good hurt. --Incubus

It is an inevitable part of life that we would be hurt by someone dear to us. And since we hold this person close to our heart, we will try to bear the pain that he or she have afflicted upon our fragile little heart as much as we could. We will feign not hurting at all. We will pretend everything is okay when truly it is not. We will forgive them even for the nth time.

Thus, this keeps me thinking.

When will we be able to say that we finally have enough of the pain? When will we be able to stop letting the person we love from hurting us? When is the right time to stand up for oneself?

For now, I could not find any answers to my silly musings. All I know right now is that love shouldn’t suppose to hurt so bad.